eco mele organic fruit logoWe are a company that is specialized in producing organic fruit ingridients from a vast selection of fruits. In fact, that is the reason why we grow the fruits on the unpolluted and fertile farmland of the Southern Serbia.

Why Organic?


Organic Production


Fruit Products


Organic fruit differs from conventionally grown fruit in a number of fundamental and yet extremely important ways. First and foremost, we plant, grow and harvest the fruits without use of any harmful pesticides. This type of farming allows sustainable soil, hence no risk of damage on a microbiological level.

There are various ways of producing organic fruits. Depending on customer’s wishes, we are able to freeze or dry the fruits and we offer fruit purees and concentrates as well.

Organic production starts with a precisely timed harvest, ensuring that fruit is ripe and ready for use as an igridient in a delicious product. Deep freezing technologies allow the fruit to preserve its natural flavors, and most importantly its healthy vitamins and nutrients.